Mystery Shopping is REAL!

I am a mystery shopper for a company called BestMark…shhhh! I get paid to go to stores and ask about products and then write a review on the service I receive.  There are restaurant shops where you get paid to have dinner (in addition to getting reimbursed for your meal).  Probably the best opportunities I’ve seen as of late are the oil change and tire rotation shops.  You get a free oil change/rotation in addition to getting paid for your time (this is typically $20-$25 PLUS reimbursement for your service). Who doesn’t want free oil changes?  Shops vary by location.  In my area there are a lot of automobile and department store shops.  Sometimes I am paid to ask about purchasing a new vehicle by going to a dealership and there are also shops that pay just for making a phone call or an inquiry on a website.  In the department store shops I typically have 2 areas of the store to visit.  I will ask about laptops or cameras, for example, and then take note on my experience and the help I received from the associates.  I also provide feedback on the store itself (cleanliness, items in stock, etc.)  It’s actually a lot of fun and easy money.

If you’re interested in Mystery Shopping for some extra cash just go through this link and sign up!  I would really appreciate it if you put my shopper ID WA9756 on your application when asked who referred you.  I know there are other programs out there for mystery shopping but this is the only one that I am a part of.  If I find more then I will pass on the good word!  Go earn some extra cash!

Here’s $20 Cash from NetSpend

I’m giving you $20.  I promise on this blog I will never post anything that I haven’t tested myself.  I will only write about things I am passionate about, products I enjoy and ways to save and earn a few extra bucks.  So here is a simple way to get $20 cash.

  1. Click here to open a FREE NetSpend Account.  There will be a simple form to fill out and you will use referral code “6607682083” to get the $20 bonus.
  2. You will receive a NetSpend Visa Debit Card within 10 days.
  3. Once you receive your card login to NetSpend to activate it.
  4. In order to get your $20 cash you will need to load your card with a minimum of $40 using Paypal or a free bank transfer.  There are also a couple other options for transferring money.  You are not paying anything to do this, you are simply adding funds to your NetSpend card.
  5. After you have added at least $40 NetSpend will add a $20 bonus.  So now you have $60 instead of $40! That’s it.
  6. You can withdraw your $60 at an ATM or spend your funds online, at the grocery, gas station or anywhere you would use a credit card.

*TIP: I suggest withdrawing your cash at an ATM.  I incurred a $1 fee (per transaction) that I wasn’t aware of because I didn’t read the fine print.  If you just use all the funds in one transaction OR withdraw at an ATM you avoid the fees.

It is an easy 20 bucks my friends and when you earn I earn so it’s a win-win.  I signed up on January 4th, received my card on January 8th, transferred $40 from Paypal on the 9th and the bonus was on my account by the 11th.